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Flat Feet Care

Computerised Gait Analysis

Computerised Video Gait Analysis allowing us to replay your gait pattern in slow motion for accurate assessment. Consequently, we are able to obtain a better understanding of your gait pattern and therefore recommend the right type of shoe and provide more effective orthotic therapy if required.

Sports and General Orthoses

Orthoses are custom made shoe inserts specifically designed to reduce the unwanted stresses caused by incorrect foot motion. When designing orthotics we take into consideration the type of activity you participate in as well as the type of footwear that you require.

Running Shoes
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Footwear Recommendation

Using computerised gait analysis we are better able to recommend the right type of shoe. In addition to foot function, foot shape is also an integral part in achieving the right fit. Choosing the right shoe can make a big difference in reducing and preventing pain.

Paediatric Assessments

We assess and treat children of all ages. Making sure that your infant is following the normal developmental milestones is important in preventing problems with walking and running at later stages in life. If your child is experiencing pain from an overuse injury or “growing pains” we can help to relieve pain by addressing issues such as tightness, weakness, poor foot mechanics, inefficient walking/running pattern and incorrect footwear.

Newborn Baby Foot
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General Podiatry Care

We also look after all your other Podiatry needs such as diabetes assessments, treatment of skin (e.g. corns, callous, plantar warts) and nail conditions (e.g. ingrown nails, fungal nails) related to the feet.

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